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Our Mission

We want to combat litter by motivating each other in a positive and fun way to throw away waste in the bins. To have a lasting impact, we want to make people aware of their behavior. Such that, with a long-term effect, we encourage people to reduce waste consumption and to dispose of waste properly.

Our design

BrightBin is a universal add-on for public waste bins. By means of light and sound, the interactive plate rewards the disposal of waste. BrightBin can easily be attached to the front of a trash can. The materials are chosen in such a way that BrightBin is sustainable, energy efficient and vandal-proof.

Our Vision

We believe that we can create a cleaner world with less waste and less litter on our streets.


Read all about the latest actions of our team and the BrightBin here!

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Our Journey

Over the last year BrightBin transformed from an idea to a product. Read about this Journey here!
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  • 2018

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The BrightBin project started spring 2018, with the idea to find a solution that decreases the amount of litter in the public areas of cities, since this is still a major problem. This idea established itself because the group experienced that people do not put enough effort in throwing their waste away or just can’t find a bin. Therefore we knew that we needed to draw attention to the bins… with light!

  • June 2018

    A first Prototype

    After we identified all the problems of litter and how to solve them. We began to establish the first prototype of the BrightBin in the workspaces. Which was just a simple shield with adjustable lighting technologies. When this prototype was finished, an analysis was made how the BrightBin’s design could improve. A few months later, a new and more universal prototype was born.

  • 2019

    The big test

    When the renewed prototype was finished, we ran the first tests in the city center. From these test we were able to conclude that the BrightBin effectively draws the attention of people in the area and that they also interact with it. People passing by are very curious and want to throw away their litter when you give them a little light show.

  • July 2019

    Explore the Bin

    Now, the team is busy with improving the prototype, and developing our final product, so that we have a product that can make even more impact. Next to this, the team was visible at GLOW lightfestival, where the bins shined bright! Read all about it here

  • June 2020

    Finding Investment

    On the 10th of June 2020, we have launched our crowdfunding campaign. This is a much needed step to help us develop our next prototype. Find more info on the campaign here and donate at the 1%Club site

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Our Amazing Team

At BrightBin, we make the difference. We are young, enthusiastic and driven entrepreneurs with a vision to change the world. Our different educational backgrounds from Eindhoven University of Technology allows us to create sustainable technology; to be innovative, such that we can overcome hurdles and improve, together.

Theys Andriesse

Team Manager

Daphne Vermeer

Lead Designer

Claudia v.d. Boom

Business Strategist

Ruud Heuvelmans

Lead Marketer

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If you have a question or want more information. BrightBin is always looking for investors and employees! Interested? Contact us!